PTS is a 20 truck fleet, co-founded by drivers. We are fundamentally a people oriented organization. We know that the intelligence, insight and energy that each individual brings to the job makes us better and stronger as an organization. It is our objective to maintain a working environment where all of our employees can achieve their fullest potential.

Happy PTS Drivers

PTS Worldwide is a transportation company that specialize in cargo security. Our drivers and company are HazMat certified.  PTS equipment is 100% satellite tracked. PTS can provide the highest level of security for your product because at PTS, service, security and safety is practiced by all our employees on every load. Our drivers are the safest in the industry.

ptsdriver1PTS offers the very best in service and equipment:


  • Team service
  • 99% no touch freight
  • 48′ and 53′ dry van
  • Freightliner Cascadia
  • Stringent maintenance policy

PTS Worldwide offers consistent reliable customer service and one of the nation’s best on-time records.

Our drivers undergo thorough background checks and drug screens

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Husband and Wife at PTS

After 20 years of having a truck driving job my wife decided she wanted to be a truck driver too.  So instead of us both getting separate truck driving jobs we decided to buy a truck and become owner operators.  My wife always wanted me to have a truck driving job over the road so she could go with me and see the country.  So when she decided to get a truck driving job I jumped at the chance to be an owner operator.  So we both quit our truck driving jobs and headed out to be truck drivers over the road as owner operators.   We learned quickly that not all companies treat owner operators the same.  Most still look at you as if this is just another truck driving job.  We went through a couple of truck driving jobs as owner operators but then we found PTS and the truck driving job attitude changed.  At PTS owner operators are not treated like just another truck driver.  They make sure that you don’t feel like you are working the same old truck driving job.  Owner operators are sent over the road, no more short little truck driving jobs.  We love being owner operators for PTS.  This is the type of truck driving job my wife always dreamed of, out over the road, driving our truck and loving our new truck driving job.  We have never been happier to have this wonderful truck driving job with PTS.
– J & J

Driving for over 15 years I have seen my share of broken promises.  PTS is the first company that I can say give you what you deserve.  My wife and I started driving together when our kids moved out.  Knowing that PTS is behind us really helps us to know that once the time comes to retire we will be able to do so comfortably. Wish we would have found them sooner!

– K & A

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